Why is cardio important and how to do it effectively?


Cardio workouts are extremely important. It is a type of physical activity in which the repeated contractions of large muscles in the body raise the heart rate and speed up breathing. Experts generally recommend practicing this type of exercise at least three times a week. One should sweat and breathe during this activity, but one should be able to say at least a few words, but not a continuous conversation.

During cardiac, a person improves his cardio-respiratory endurance, which builds his condition and improves heart health. This translates into more efficient calorie burning and starts metabolism. With regular cardio exercise, a person’s energy reserves increase, so he can perform better.

The required intensity is a prerequisite for successful exercise. It doesn’t make sense to go for half the gas, but don’t overdo it either. We have already mentioned the recommendation – a person should breathe, his heart should beat faster, but he should be able to say at least five words clearly. It may sound strange, but it’s really a handy indicator of effective training.

Remember, any movement is better than none. Approach exercise responsibly and you will definitely not regret it – you lose weight, improve your condition, strengthen your immunity, improve your heart health, stimulate your metabolism and you are also in a better mood.

So why not start today? Stay strong. Patrik


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