The best sports applications for mobile – these 5 you must try!


With this in mind, executives from tournament operator the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), are looking at new ways to grow awareness and interest in the tournament outside their current Anglo-centric heartlands.


One of the basic functions of Diet is to record the route traveled. At the beginning of your ride or run, you turn on the Meal and at the end of the workout, it shows you the distance traveled, the time, the average speed, the speed graphs and the cant during the route. Last but not least, it shows the route traveled on the maps. The route is then saved to the app, where people watching you can see it. In one place you have an overview of all your trainings and you can easily compare how you are progressing.

Ski Tracks

The advantage of the Ski Tracks application is the optimization for the phone’s endurance. None of us want a sports app to completely discharge his flashlight. Ski Tracks does not need turned on data for its operation, it only works on the basis of GPS data, it is so gentle on your flashlight.

All the ingredients that are transforming here, that are changing several areas of the car, are technologically totally needed to achieve this fantastic aerodynamic value. Steffen Koehl, head of Global Advanced Design


Endomondo is a great helper to help you keep track of your workouts. There are two versions available – free, which contains everything a normal user needs – statistics on distance traveled, speed, number of steps, calories burned and the like. Endomondo provides the ability to share and compare workouts with friends, within the application you can participate in various challenges and set training goals. The premium version contains other interesting elements – advanced statistics, heart rate analysis or display of expected weather during training.


Heria will please anyone who likes to work out and visit the gym. You will find complete training plans for losing weight, gaining strength, mass or improving explosiveness. It will get anyone in the ideal form! The advantage is that with each exercise, there is also a video in which Chris Heria shows you how to exercise the exercise correctly. This is an invaluable helper that will make it easier for beginners to use the application.


What does this app allow? First of all, it is necessary to mention that a free and paid version is available here as well. The functionality of the free version is similar to Strave – after running the application will show you statistics about the route traveled, draw it on the map and you can compare the results with friends. Plus are various acoustic alerts with training instructions or compatibility with smart watches and bracelets.

What mobile sports applications do you use? Share with them in the comments! Stay strong. Patrik

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