Smart watch or smart bracelet?


Smart watches: features and uses

The smart watch is similar in design to the classic one. Thus, they usually retain the round design of the display, with the difference that in addition to digital hands or numbers, they offer a number of smart functions. Some have more, less cheaper ones. Basically, we can compare them to a smartphone located on your wrist.

All smart watches have a display that allows you to reply to messages or control downloaded applications without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Most of the watches are also equipped with functions for athletes. They can map your route using GPS, measure your heart rate or the number of steps.

Here, too, of course, it depends on the price, but it is not always the case that the more expensive must legally be better. An excellent example of a good ratio of quality and price are e.g. watch Xiaomi Amazfit 2 stratos.

Smart bracelets: features and uses

Smart bracelets retain their classic design related to an ordinary bracelet. Not all are equipped with a display and those that have it are slightly protruding. For some, this not-so-inconspicuous design may interfere with it, but it is worn comfortably like a watch on the wrist. The display usually shows the time, number of steps and various other indicators, which can be set either directly in the bracelet or through the application on the phone.

They are used mainly by active people, thanks to various monitoring sensors. The most common are a measure of the number of steps, heart rate or, for example, the quality of sleep. However, in order to find its use, you do not necessarily have to be an active athlete, its benefit will also be felt by an ordinary person living normally.

The disadvantage is that if you want to take full advantage of all the features, you must pair the bracelet with the phone in which you need to have the appropriate application installed. After pairing, you will see all activities, measurement history, performed progress activities, etc.

Share with us in the comments you have finally decided on. If you already own one of these two things, write us your opinion. Stay Strong. Patrik


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