Is it worth buying an electric bike?


Do you like cycling, but you are not in good enough condition to handle difficult routes, or to chase faster friends? Or are you just looking for a fast and convenient means of transport to the city? An electric bike can be a great solution!

In the basic construction, electric bicycles are almost no different from classic bicycles. Their frame, wheels, handlebars, saddles, brakes and derailleurs are practically the same as with classic bicycles. However, the frame is reinforced to withstand higher loads, the brakes are also dimensioned for a higher braking effect and the derailleurs are also modified. However, the most important difference is the engine and the battery.

I’ve been thinking about buying an electric bike for a long time. I’m still putting together the pros and cons, but I can’t decide. What is your opinion and experience?

As with classic bicycles, you will encounter several types of electric bicycles. Among the best-selling are urban, cross-country, mountain and folding electric bicycles.

Today, most manufacturers of classic bicycles already produce their own electric bicycles. Merida, Specialized, Giant and KTM electric bicycles are among the market leaders, but quality models are also brought by other manufacturers. Stay strong. Patrik


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