Heart rate at run – do you know what the values should be?


It doesn’t matter if you run recreationally for fun, you plan to lose weight, lose fitness, build muscle, or run professionally and train for competitions. In any case, it is important to monitor your heart rate. You should pay particular attention to two basic values.

The resting frequency in the average adult should be in the range of 60-90 beats per minute, in children under 15 this scale is shifted to approximately 70-100 beats per minute. Athletes usually have lower heart rates, they can even be around 40 beats per minute. If you exercise regularly, a lower resting heart rate is fine, on the contrary, if you do not exercise much and your heart rate is too low, it can mean health problems and you should seek medical help.

You will already need the appropriate equipment to measure your heart rate while running. The ideal solution is a sports watch with a chest strap. The chest strap constantly measures your heart rate right next to your heart, and is wirelessly paired with a smart watch that displays heart rate values in real time.

When running, it is important to pay particular attention to the maximum heart rate. There are a few basic rules. The maximum heart rate should not change due to training, but with increasing age it may decrease slightly, by about 1-2 beats per year. It is important to calculate the maximum heart rate specifically for running. You can’t do this, for example, by taking the maximum heart rate found when cycling and using it while running. Maximum frequencies vary from sport to sport.

Measure, measure, measure!

Ultimately, this is not a science. All you have to do to run healthily and effectively is make sure you’re moving at the right heart rate values. You can get a sports watch and a chest strap even for little money, and this investment will definitely pay off for you. Try it for yourself and we guarantee that progress will come soon!

Do you monitor your heart rate while running? What devices do you use for that? Let me know in the comments! Stay Strong. Patrik


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