Foods That Support Immunity

Food and supplement

The human body is a complex mechanism that requires a number of different nutrients to function. It is therefore important that we follow a proper lifestyle and eat foods containing a wide range of substances.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” If you want to be healthy and have immunity in great shape, you should stick to this famous Hippocratic quote. The mentioned medicine is just healthy foods that can significantly kick your immunity.

Unfortunately, many people choose solutions that are incorrect or only temporary. Food supplements, for example, are very popular. On the one hand, they are nice, in one pill you add important vitamins and minerals to your body in a few seconds. However, such nutritional supplements still do not contain everything the human body needs.

An effective and truly functional solution is simple. Supplementation of the necessary vitamins and minerals to support immunity naturally, from common foods, especially from fruits and vegetables. Just know some of the healthiest foods to include in your diet. They will take care of the perfect care of your immunity, which no artificial food supplement will provide you with.

What foods do I use to support immunity?

Garlic, ginger, citrus, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, mushrooms. What are yours? Stay Strong. Patrik


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