Exercise at home – how to do it?


The situation caused by the corona virus, due to which we were forced to stay locked up at home, forced us to look for new ways in the field of exercise and strengthening. Fitness centers were closed and home exercise was practically the only way to stay in shape. Sitting at home all the time is extremely harmful to the human body.

However, home exercise makes a lot of sense even under standard conditions, not only during a coronavirus pandemic. Let’s take just the basic facts. A classic go to the gym costs you time and money. The journey takes at least a few minutes and a season ticket or a one-time ticket also costs something. There are many other people around you in the gym who occupy the individual machines and exercise areas. Ultimately, you kill more time waiting for the machine you plan to train to be released.

Exercising with your own weight is the alpha-omega of strengthening at home. Everyone has at least a little free space at home in which they can practice simple exercises with their own weight.

What tools will you need? Basically, almost none. If you want to make your workout more pleasant, you can indulge in a quality fitness mat or fitness ball, which is often used in exercises with your own weight.

The frequency of exercise depends on your options and interests, ideally 3-4 trainings per week are ideal, and you should exercise for about an hour. It’s up to you which parts of the body you practice and how you combine the individual exercises. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult an experienced coach. Stay Strong. Patrik


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