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Feng shui household furnishing has a long tradition in Eastern countries. The individual elements of this (not only) design “philosophy” gradually began to find a place in Western culture as well. Today, you will find many dwellings in which at least some of its principles are applied, even in our region. However, it often happens that the design in the spirit of Feng Shui does not bring the desired effect, which causes ignorance of its main ideas and principles.

5 elements and their effect:

Fire – Acts warm, promotes increased activity, evokes strong passion. You get it in the home in the form of sharper to square shapes, between which the triangle stands out. Its typical colors include various vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red and more neutral purple. However, fire can be an evil servant if we overcome it with its presence. Life in such a hot space evokes anxiety and frequent emotional outbursts.

Wood – In the so-called The elemental pentagram, which in Feng Shui determines the relations of individual elements, ie elements, is, in direct relation to fire, wood. If they control interiors, they are usually equipped with devices of longer and slimmer shapes. Thanks to them, wood is full of energy and can be used in an effort to strengthen development, to be more progressive. However, beware of too much wood in green colors, which could provoke aggression in the inhabitants and suppress empathy towards other people in the area.

Water – While a lot of wood suppresses emotions, a lot of water will make you hypersensitive. But for that at home, you have to have an exaggerated amount of accessories in wavy and rounded shapes, especially if they are accessories colored in the darkest shades. Black is also typical of the water element, the exaggerated presence of which can seem a bit gloomy. However, with a balanced use of water supplements, you will create the right space for a healthy flow of energy, which should symbolically help you with establishing new relationships.

Metal – White, metallic and soft pastel shades are the most faithful reflection of the metal element. It contributes to higher acumen, better concentration and support for creative thinking. However, too many metal shapes, especially circles, arcs and ovals, lead to roughness and unnecessary eloquence. Another disadvantage of the unbalanced presence of metal in the home tends to be the impersonal and cool design, which is an obstacle in creating a relaxed home atmosphere.

Earth – Earth is a warming element, but unlike fire, it is rather calming. However, in the case of its surplus, this can be reflected in the passivity or laziness of the population. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to use moderation when using earthy shades. There is no need to overdo it with shapes in square and rectangular shapes. Their adverse impact on the household would then have to be weakened by incorporating duller shades of yellow and orange into each room, where the floor, furniture and wall color are in earthy shades.

The importance of Feng Shui for life

Feng Shui is gaining supporters mainly because of its ability to strike a balance in space without large investments and rework. In addition, its principles help to find new design variations that guarantee more comfort, privacy and freedom. All this leads to the creation of a healthier household in which residents should feel happier and more balanced. Pioneers of Chinese teaching also speak of attracting abundance, but for some, these theories are just myths. However, the importance of using Feng Shui in design from an aesthetic and practical point of view is undeniable.


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